"Be Bold, Be Confident, Be Happy"


This session will make you smile, make you think and might well make you do something different. Full of practical tips and inspiring insights to help you identify your next step and then to be bold and confidently take it. I have condensed years of material and stories into this one session, so you can make your choices work; overcome obstacles; celebrate success; build resilience; gain increased, long-lasting confidence and access the art of being happy. Come and enjoy!

Keynote, AwayDay, Masterclass, One-to-One



Presentation Skills


Good speakers look and sound confident. They are authentic, user-friendly and inspiring. They engage their audiences with relevant content and influence them with powerful messages. I always get this feedback from my talks and I can help you get it too. Sessions include making your presentation (and you) memorable; opening and closing; working with nerves; engaging the audience; gravitas and status; dealing with questions; content assessment; visuals and power-point tactics; confidence boosts and calls to action.

Masterclass, One-to-One



"The Normal Christmas?"


This entertaining session covers all the aspects of Christmas and let's you vote on all the important questions: White or coloured lights? Gifts – wrapped or unwrapped? What's the proper way to do Secret Santa? How many mince pies do people actually eat and what’s the best way to cook a turkey? (Or should it be Beef Wellington instead?) We’ll vote on the sprout debate and, maybe most important of all, exactly when should we open the presents. I interviewed families across the UK for my book 'The Normal British Christmas?' and have used the results as material for this engaging, interactive session where the audience decides on the right way to do Christmas!  

Festive Interactive Event