Freetown to London - September 1st 2013

 An immigration officer knocks on my hotel door at 7.15am  – Alsuine has told him to be early! I go downstairs and am horrified to see he has come by motorbike – is he asking me to travel to the airport by bike? With my case? Not at all he tells me, the plan is that he will flag down a taxi and then he will follow me and my luggage to the airport so he can help me through immigration. At the last minute I decide that traveling the one mile to the airport by motorbike would make a fitting end to my African adventure –  I ask if he minds if I ride on the bike. He doesn’t. We do it. It is fantastic. Once my luggage is checked in we go back outside to take a photo – I think neither Alfred, Alusine or my family will believe that I did it without evidence!

7pm I arrive home to see that my lovely family has strung bunting outside the house with WELCOME HOME TEE written across the flags. I am back. I have done it.