Gherkin Drama 35 Floors Up! November 15th 2013

Today the window cleaner’s cage that travels on an extending arm up to the very apex of the building got stuck, with two window cleaners in it! A small crowd gathered inside the Club Lounge to watch, the men seemed calm (and they never look inside at people looking at them – must be part of the training) and so the watchers were calm too. After a while the cradle that circumnavigates the building was brought out (technical details - it slots into the two rings at the top of the building and from there further cradles can be lowered down to clean the windows of the floors below) and it transpired that the men would have to climb from one cage into the other. (Now the watchers not so calm). Both men sat down and their cage began to tilt. When it had tilted past 90˚ (the watchers now nearly hysterical as we all thought they were going to be tipped out!)  they started to clamber across the sky from the cage into the cradle situated below and slightly to the left of them. Everyone held their breath while first one then the other made the journey. They both made it. The watchers cheered. The window cleaners still looked calm, the watchers however were wrecked!