Learning Chinese at the Gherkin - November 4th 2013

Today I have a Chinese Lesson from David Halford, the BBC’s Head of Ethical Sourcing, at the top of the Gherkin. We only have 30 minutes so I know I’m not going to master the language but what I do hope to gain is vital etiquette tips ahead of my leadership course for a delegation from The Office of Scientific & Technological Industry of National Defence in Sichuan Province next week.

David tells me that the two-handed business card offering is key, as is studying both the front and back of the cards with interest. I can do that. I mustn’t mind that the delegates talk or text during the sessions, this is quite normal he tells me (my view is always that as the presenter I should be so very interesting and engaging that no-one even thinks of doing so – but I haven't presented to wholly Chinese audiences before so we’ll see.)