Paul Farthing, NSPCC’s Director of Fundraising - January 6th 2014

Met Paul Farthing today at the NSPCC’s Shoreditch offices along with Adam Lewis from the Events team to discuss how we can use my knowledge of all the numbers at the Gherkin. Paul’s idea is to see how we can how can we relate the number of floors, steps, windows, etc with the number of children that will be helped by the NSPCC thanks to Gherkin Challenge participants. We came up with some good ideas, including that every step up the building helps children (Mark Luboff of the London Business Board had already worked out that participants who raise £200 will be enabling two children’s calls for help be answered by ChildLine for every floor they reach - 50 calls in all). We talk about how many schools can be seen in the views from the top of the building and Paul suggests we might add this information to enlarged images from my ‘360˚ at the Gherkin’ book, so they could identify the London landmarks in the view for everyone who reaches the top and also see where the NSPCC uses their money across the capital. Could be great!

The next evening Paul joins the London Business Board along with members of the NSPCC Event Team to discuss the Gherkin Challenge. Everything is moving forward and registration will open on March 3rd.