Paul Harrison, Foster + Partners - October 2013

It’s usually me who gives talks at the top of the Gherkin so I was intrigued to hear someone speaking very authoritatively about the building to a small group of guests this week. The speaker was knowledgeable, charming and had an amazing array of photographs to show. It turned out to be Paul Harrison, a Partner at Fosters + Partners who had been very involved the building of 30SMA, he was giving a talk to four guests who had bid for lunch at the Gherkin in a Cricket Club fundraiser. Paul was also one of the Foster Partners who had reviewed and approved the text for the technical information in The Gherkin Guide so we had communicated a lot by email earlier in the year but never actually met. I really enjoyed hearing him speak (and gained a few extra facts for my own talks too). A surprise ending was when he presented each of the guests with a copy of The Gherkin Guide as a souvenir of their visit. I wanted to call out “that’s my guide – I made that!” (In the moment not a single thought for the rest of the Baizdon team, sorry everyone!) Anyway I resisted and just sat there enjoying them enjoying their Guides over coffee. Totally delighted and very proud!

Just so they know they aren’t forgotten The Gherkin Guide would not exist without Johnny Morris (Creative Director); Adam Parker & Joe Plimmer (photographers extraordinaire); Carolyn Webb & Dan Ash (additional research & endless encouragement ); Sara Fox (bringing her forensic approach to fact checking and proof reading); Katy Harris of Foster + Partners and without the kind permission of Lord Foster and building owners Evans Randall and IVG Immobilien.