Returning to Lead Another Day - January 27th 2014

Today I am returning to Around Poplar Children’s Centre in Tower Hamlets to run a whole team event following on from my day for them last year. It’s always great to return and work with a group for a second time and I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone has progressed and to help them prepare for the next 12 months. There are lots of governmental changes effecting under five educational provision nationally and so change is a big topic of the day. We review the successes of the past year (lots) and make plans to deal with the challenges ahead (lots too) and talk though the effects of change, on the centre, on the team and on the families they serve. Everyone leaves with an individual action plan to complement the centre plan and take away some strategies enabling them to survive change and the centre to thrive.  A fantastic day.


There are 12 children centres in the borough and so far I’ve been invited to lead days at 10 of them. I'm looking forward to meeting the team in Mowlem Children’s Centre where I'm booked to go in March.