Sarah McQueen is a Hero - December 7th 2014

Sarah McQueen is Marketing Manager for Searcys the Gherkin and (along with GM Danny Kaljee) is in charge of the Top of the Building’s event calendar.  So to hold The Gherkin Challenge the NSPCC need both the 30 St Mary Axe Management’s support for the stair climb itself and for Searcys to donate the top of the building. The 30SMA team have already generously said yes and Searcys had offered dates in March, April and July but they were too soon, too near Easter and too-in-the-middle-of-the-Summer. September would be ideal but this is the start of the busy period for Searcys The Gherkin where their space is booked solidly until the end of December – and they already give two days for the Open House London weekend at the end of the month. What to do? I decide to plead! Sarah, Danny and I are all parents* and it only took a few minutes thinking about the work of the NSPCC for Sarah to agree to donate the top of the building space for September 7th. This is fantastic!! Sarah, thank you, thank you  – you are a hero!


*Not that you have to be parents to appreciate the vital work of the NSPCC!

The Gherkin Challenge for the NSPCC 2014 will be on September 7th 2014. Should it be held again in future years the aim is to hold it in the spring. 

Sarah McQueen