Speaking at the Pickevent Launch - February 20th 2014

Pickevent, a new service linking event organisers, speakers and attendees have invited me to speak at their Shoreditch launch tonight. As their service is unique, adds value and has been invented by them I thought I would talk about how I add value to events at the Gherkin in a unique way, invented by me. Four years ago I noticed that both tenants and visitors to the Gherkin had lots of questions and nobody knew the answers and so told Searcys I thought they needed an expert, and then offered to become that expert. The rest as they say is history, I'm now Searcys official expert on the building and regularly give talks at functions and events at the top of the building.  

I’ve since come to believe that giving some background on the venue people are attending is a really great idea and want to encourage event planners to do the same. Maybe it’s not always possible to find someone who has spent years researching a building as I have, but having someone sprinkle in a few facts about the location somewhere during an event can help make it memorable. I have suggested we hear a little about tonight’s venue Shoreditch Village Hall and so am hoping founder James Governor will join me on stage to tell us a few facts.

Thanks to Inigo Picaza for his help before and during the event and for founder Jose Bort for the invitation to speak. Also Shazia Wahab attended and filmed the event for her YouTube 'Good Person To Know' channel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZikFlJp08I (I appear in the clip from 3.11 to 4.52 in case you're interested).