The 12ft Lego Gherkin - September 12th 2013

While I was in Sierra Leone the 30 St Mary Axe team held a three-day event where the UK’s only Certified Lego Builder was joined by tenants of the building and city workers, many who brought their families along, to build a 12ft model of the Gherkin in the plaza. They also commissioned 500 sets of Lego with profits from sales going to Teenage Cancer Trust and today Swiss Re’s lovely Lorraine Sage gave me the one she has been saving for me. Apparently she has had to fight off a big queue of people who wanted it. Thanks Lorraine!!

I was so disappointed to miss it! I also would have loved to see Sara Fox, she of ‘the woman who built the Gherkin’ fame, being directed on how she should be placing her Lego by a bossy seven year old. Kettle and pot come to mind. Lorraine tells me Sara took it very well.  :-)