The Towers Debate

Attended The Towers Debate: Does London Need More Tall Buildings? The talk kicking off the 2014 London Festival of Architecture. I enjoyed all the speakers and the chair, Sarah Gaventa, was excellent. There are now proposals for over 230 new tall buildings to be built in London over the next decade, 80% of which are residential. Simon Jenkins spoke eloquently 'Against' and was introduced with the fact that he hated both tall buildings and wind turbines (so that's The Strata, which I really like, out). I loved hearing Paul Finch speak, he was irreverent and funny and ultimately his 'For' case won on the night. I personally agree that 'up' rather than 'out' is a good idea for the future of London and voted accordingly on the night. 

I do want the new tall buildings to be architecturally interesting (some are, some aren't). I believe that The Leadenhall Building and The Walkie-Talkie are and that they add a very exciting dimension to London. My favourite quote of the evening was from Julia Marks Barfield "You can't blight the skyline with a beautiful building." 

If you haven't seen New London Architecture's 3-D map of London at The Building Centre in Store Street do go, it's brilliant (and shows where all the new towers will be).