WeightWatchers Conference

I am the final speaker of the day at this conference, but attend all day to get a feel for the delegates and deepen my knowledge of the company. (I always try to see the sessions in front of me whenever I am speaking, it's polite, I can acknowledge what's gone before me and also means I'm not in danger of repeating anybody's jokes!)

From 8.30am to 2.30pm all goes well and then, during the coffee break before I'm on, I turn and bump into someone and get coffee split all over my front of my, until that moment, pristine white dress. I'm utterly horrified. It takes a moment but I do then realise that, as my talk is called 'Right Here, Right Now', speaking with a huge coffee stain across the top of my dress could be a useful visual metaphor for dealing with whatever life throws at us (literally in this case). However a friendly waitress insists I must wash it off instantly to avoid a permanent stain and whisks me off to get it done. It is done, the coffee is gone but... I'm left with a huge wet area on the top half of my dress which has become see-thru... meaning I have to walk on stage knowing that Right Here, Right Now, I'm showing 80 delegates my choice in brassiere's (white, small embroidered flowers) and that my face is bright red... Well at least it works well as a visual metaphor because, as with life - the wet patch dries, the redness recedes and soon both the audience and I have moved happily on. The session goes well. Feedback is, thankfully, brilliant. (My bra is not mentioned).