The Bouygues Director's Dinner

Bouygues have ordered 20 books for their high profile guests attending their annual Director's Dinner, being held at the Gherkin this year. They ordered them months ago so why I am on a train to collect the books two hours before the event?... 

All copies of the first edition had been sold out when they ordered but their  date fitted in with the arrival of the second edition so that worked. All was going to plan until some extra post-production work that had been done on one of the panoramic photographs meant the books wouldn't be bound in time. It's ok, issues arise and I know it's my job to find a solution -  I arrange to have 20 copies sent out to a specialist binders and sent to the Gherkin by 5pm.  So far, so good.  Copies were bound by 2.45pm but the courier tells me the van can't guarantee delivery until 6 or 7pm (haven't they heard of motorbikes I want to scream - I ask nicely instead, apparently they haven't). I work out I can go to Essex to collect them myself if the printer can bring them to the station. He can. I go. I arrive back at the Gherkin 15 minutes before the host arrives to set up. (So this is what they mean when they say an entrepreneur will do anything to make things work). 

The Bouygues Directors and an array of high profile guests arrive including the lovely Sara Fox, of building the Gherkin fame (yes, actually - on time and under budget). I chat to everyone over drinks, they go into dinner - the books go down well, the evening is a huge success. Job done.