Not on Breakfast TV and Tickets for Ghostbusters… October 4th 2013

Well, I didn’t make the final six for the Businesswoman of the Year – so, no Breakfast TV appearance this month. I did of course get the  ‘well done, it is such a great achievement to make the selection committee stage and you should be very proud’ letter. Felt a bit disappointed at first (see Blog entry David vs Goliath) but I am proud and it certainly has been an interesting process – I’ve had lots of congratulations from friends and colleagues; people I haven’t seen for ages got in touch to say well done; I’ve had two job offers (!); started a blog; increased my Twitter following by 65% (ok it’s still not great but it’s better); the wonderful Sara Fox ordered Laurent Perrier Rose for us just before the list was announced (we’ll drink to the tv or the cv) and I’ve been Fred Hoffman’s, Magnus Scheving’s and Bronia Szczygiel’s #FF on Twitter (Fred’s for two weeks running – hey, thanks Fred!)  Also, when I emailed a friend flippantly saying I must work on getting a minimum 8 million annually she replied ‘Are you asking really an 8 million a year person Tee? I think you are too kind and considerate to be in that race – and you inspire people just as you are.’ Wow – food for thought. Thanks Hilda.

Today has been a good mix – inbetween planning for my upcoming networking evening and a leadership talk for a Chinese delegation from SiChuan Province (I’m fine on the leadership side, working hard ensuring I don’t make any errors on the cultural side) I’ve been madly trying to buy tickets for ‘Future Cinema does GhostBusters’ at the Troxy – which, if it is anything like their previous events will be brilliant. Being part of a huge audience joining in the Bugsy Malone’s custard pie scene (yes, literally joining in – they provided plates full of spray foam and plastic capes) while ‘You Give a Little Love and It All Comes Back to You’ plays in Fats Sams on the screen in front of you  was one of the most joyful experiences I’ve had in years! So, I can thoroughly recommend it! Three nights sold out already… My friend Frances looked amazing in hot pants when we went to Future Cinema does Saturday Night Fever – I think maybe she should go as the Stay Puft Marshmallow man this time (although she’ll probably be Sigourney Weaver and I’ll end up as Stay Puft!) We are taking our kids by the way. Have a nice weekend.

Photo from the event - yes, Stay Puft Man appeared - both on the screen and in the Troxy - fabulous!

Photo from the event - yes, Stay Puft Man appeared - both on the screen and in the Troxy - fabulous!

Future Cinema Does Ghostbusters

David vs Goliath - The Wait for Businesswoman of the Year Announcement - 30th September

Well the panel selecting the Businesswoman of the Year are announcing their finalists this afternoon, ahead of Thursdays interviews where they will pick the winner. They were supposed to announce last week but emailed to say, ‘due to the quality of this year’s nominees the decision has taken longer than expected’. I am heartened by the fact they need another meeting to decide, it means I can bask in the sunshine of the nomination a little longer!  I am of course delighted (and proud) for my achievements to be recognised and pleased to have been nominated (both for me and the people that have helped with all the projects) but do feel rather like David facing Goliath when I read about previous winners – last year’s winner Emma Elston had a turnover of eight million and both The Apprentice’s Karren Brady and Dragons Den’s Hillary Deven are previous recipients of the award! I did write initially to say I couldn’t accept the nomination – it has been a good year but eight million… and they wrote back to say – we think you’ve achieved a lot, please do accept – and because I am always pushing other women to recognise their strengths and be proud of their achievements I thought I would be rather hypocritical not to fill in the form. So I did. And now a little bit of me wants to be David, who of course beat Goliath…