Thor & The Gherkin - October 2013

The Gherkin has appeared in a great many movies and its latest starring role is in the new Marvel movie – Thor, The Dark World. I know this because of the movie posters all over town featuring Chris Hemsworth as Thor and the Gherkin as itself, and because my son was invited to the World Premiere at London’s Odeon Leicester Square last week by his friend Ollie.

I’ve always wondered what it was like to attend a Premiere and whether you get to see the stars if you are inside – I’ve assumed the regular audience is seated before they arrive (if you can call a Premiere audience regular) and that only the hoards of fans outside and the press and even more non-regular VIPs get to see them. Now I know. The audience sits, the stars come out to the front of the stage, chat a little, receive applause and then sit with the audience and watch the film. Ben absolutely loved the movie and thought the entire experience fantastic. His favourite moment was when Tom Hiddleston (who plays Loki) had to judge a Loki-Look-A-Like competition on the Red Carpet and choose a winner from the 12 contenders, with the winner able to attend the Premiere. Tom, to huge cheers from the crowds, announced that he thought all 12 were brilliant and that all 12 should attend the Premiere!! The business side of my brain immediately thought what a nightmare that must have created for the organisers, but the emotional side of me hopes that there was a row of Loki-Look-A-Likes standing at the back of the Odeon enjoying the movie!

I won’t tell you what happens in Thor, The Dark World, but it might be worth knowing that there are 7,429 panes of glass in the outside of the Gherkin…

P.S – Thanks to James and Patrice, Ollie’s Mum and Dad, for providing such Marvel magic.

Thor The Dark World movie poster