Gherkin Challenge - The Numbers Keep Climbing...

Mid May 333 people registered 

End May 428 people registered

Mid June 567 people registered

End June 699 people registered

Mid July 777 people registered

End July 831 people registered

Mid Aug 904 people registered

End Aug 917 people registered

7th September 958 people registered!

All this plus people with Champagne Passes (going straight up in the lift), family and friends coming to support and enjoy the activities in the Gherkin Plaza and all the NSPCC volunteers - well over ONE THOUSAND people involved this year! 

This, the 5th anniversary of the event, is the BIGGEST and BEST Gherkin Challenge for the NSPCC yet. I am so proud to be associated with it! (Now just have the climb the steps...)


@LewisHamilton joining the @NSPCC #GherkinChallenge?

Lewis Hamilton loves the Gherkin. We know this because he told the @EveningStandard it was the building he'd like to be locked in overnight "It looks cool and I'd like to hang out in the bar at the top.' So for months every Gherkin Challenge planning meeting has started with Francesca Valli, the committee Chair and I, suggesting we ask Lewis Hamilton to take part this year. He'd be great, we say - he's a huge star, we say - the most talented driver of his generation and a phenomenal athlete. Can you imagine how he'd speed up the stairs, we say 'Hamilton expertly avoids the wall as he overtakes 27 people on the inside...' Can you imagine what an effect he'd have on the participants, we say 'Lewis is cheered by all as he dominates the stairwell on his way to the top...' Maybe he'd do it in the fastest time ever we say. 'Lewis Hamilton accelerates to a record breaking finish leaving the rest of the field 10 floors behind!' Just imagine...we said (at every meeting), it would be amazing!

So, you say, is he coming? Well, the NSPCC did speak to #TEAMLH last month - He'd have loved to, they tell us, But he'll be a little busy at the Italian Grand Prix that weekend... Maybe next year... Ok, so this could be great news for 2015!

Meanwhile this year, while Lewis is busy winning the Italian Grand Prix on September 7th, almost 1,000 of you will be doing something amazing too by taking part in the 2014 Gherkin Challenge for the NSPCC.  If you need a little motivation just imagine drinking champagne with Lewis Hamilton in the bar at the top of the building and you'll find yourself racing up the steps! (Maybe I can put a smiling picture of him up to welcome you and make Francesca and I feel better - what do you think #TEAMLH?)

And if you're not taking part why not sign up for one of the few remaining places and join this year's record number of people running or walking up the steps of the Gherkin for the NSPCC? (You can even get a champagne lift pass and bypass the stairs). Winners medals for all, as every step up this extraordinary building makes a difference for vulnerable children. It would be good to make it 1,000 people taking part - only 29 places left.... Registration closes Sept 3rd.

Or, if you can't make it and want to make a difference to children, you could sponsor my son and I to climb the steps on your behalf.

PS - Message for #TEAMLH @LewisHamilton and the team are always welcome as my guests at the top of the Gherkin! @TeeDobinson #GherkinGuru