The Kindness of Others 2 - The Metro's 'Good Deed Feed'

I think kindness is important, it makes a difference to people's lives, whether it's makes them easier on any number of levels or just more pleasant. I always make it a personal choice whenever and wherever I can and advocate it as a policy to my family, friends and clients.  I also think it is hugely important to thank people and am repeatedly struck by how powerful genuine acknowledgement can be, often moving beyond politeness to have a much deeper effect on the recipient and on relationships.

I love the opportunities The Metro's 'Good Deed Feed'  gives people to thank acts of kindness by strangers. I think it works both for the people giving and receiving thanks and for the rest of us who become a little more aware of all the good things happening in the world.

Some 'GOOD DEED FEED' examples (thanks METRO!) 

"Massive thanks to the train driver who answered my lost iPhone last Friday. You saved the day. Even more so when you dropped the phone off at my station on the way back down the line".

"Thank you to the lovely ladies in Fenchurch Street who patched up my cut finger on Thursday. Ouch".

"Thank you to everyone on the No.2 bus in Manchester who helped me find my way - especially the two men and the woman who got off the bus to point me in the right direction. It was a real team effort". 

"Thanks to the older gent who stopped to thank me for my piano playing in St Pancras. You made my day:.